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Lonestar Ecology, LLC is a fully permitted RCRA TSDF and Centralized Water Treatment facility located in the Bayport Industrial District. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste water treatment capacity is in excess of 300,000 gallons per day. Warehouse storage container storage is 3,479 55-gallon drums. The pretreated waste water is discharged via pipeline directly to the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority facility on Bay Area Boulevard. Normal delivery hours are 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 7 AM to Noon on Saturday. Special consideration for deliveries is routinely made to match your schedule.

Hassle-Free Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal

Effective, cost-efficient and regulatory compliant waste management is key to refinery and petrochemical industry success. That is Lonestar ecology’s specialty.

Our focus is on you and your business needs. We strive to provide reliable service that includes one-hour target waste water truck turnaround. Our sophisticated software system expedites data input and retrieval for accurate record keeping and reporting.

We’re not just here to handle your waste. We’re here to relieve you of the worries of dealing with waste disposal.

Our physical plant is located inside the Bayport Industrial Park in Pasadena, Texas. The location is a short distance from the Houston metro area and within 5 miles of the Houston Ship Channel and the Bayport Container Terminal.

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Preferred Contractors

  • wastewater treatment storage tanks

    Doing it Right - Lonestar has installed all new equipment and facilities. In addition, the site has been cleaned and groomed to create an environment of efficiency, safety and environmental compliance.

  • wastewater tanks

    The RCRA processing and storage warehouse is open. It is fully permitted and protected by the latest in fire monitoring and suppression technology.

  • fire protected warehouse

    CWT pretreats oil and organic contaminated waste waters before pipeline discharge to Gulf Coast Waste Disposal. Characteristically hazardous waste waters can be received for treatment also.

Our Facilities
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