Lonestar Ecology fills need for waste management in Gulf Coast region

Pasadena, TX—March 7, 2012—When it opens for business this month, Lonestar Ecology will become the first newly constructed waste management facility to emerge in the Pasadena area in more than a decade.

The new facility, located at 12901-A Bay Park Road, will treat organic waste waters, oily waste waters and oil water emulsions, as well as a broad array of RCRA hazardous wastes.

CEO Larry Peyton said that customer service and environmental compliance will be top priorities. Peyton has built a senior management team that offers industries operating in the Gulf Coast with a responsible, safe and customer-focused waste management option.

Well run waste management centers are vital to the success and maintenance of industries across the country that must follow rigorous waste management regulations, Peyton said.

Waste will be tracked at the plant with a proprietary environmental management software system developed by a team of specialists with more than 20 years expertise in waste treatment, disposal and transportation.

“The software system can trace waste through each step of the management process – from cradle to grave,” Peyton said.

Facility compliance manager Joel Hartley said that the new software offers vast improvements over systems he has used in the past.

“Our software does it better than others,” Hartley said. “It captures more data and allows us to do more for our customers.”

Lonestar Ecology holds Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority Affluent permits. Together they allow Lonestar Ecology to treat and manage a wide variety of materials.

“These permits are hard to come by, and it’s rare for a site to possess all three,” Peyton said.

President Will Wilson added that the plant’s location -- in the heart of one of the largest petrochemical centers in the nation -- offers another advantage. While the physical 7-acre site was used for several operations in the past, it will have been totally cleaned and rebuilt with 21st century technology and innovations.

Wilson explained that a clean site is a necessary foundation for waste treatment.

“Waste management centers need a clean bill of health, that’s so important—without it, generators can’t trust that you’ll follow through with your commitments,” he said.

Facility manager Walt Stringer says that the facility should employee about 20 people when fully operational.

For more information, visit www.lonestarecology.com or call 281-204-1268.

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