Lonestar Ecology Opens in Time for Earth Day Celebration

Pasadena, TX—April 2, 2012— Lonestar Ecology, the Gulf Coast region’s newest waste management facility, has opened for business in time for Houston’s celebrations of Earth Day throughout April.

The new facility, located at 12901-A Bay Park Road in Pasadena, is the first of its kind to emerge in the area in more than a decade.

Lonestar Ecology treats organic waste waters, oily waste waters and oil water emulsions, as well as a broad array of RCRA hazardous wastes.

CEO Larry Peyton said now that the waste water plant is up and running, management can focus on customer service and environmental compliance as its top priorities.

“Our team is well versed in RCRA hazardous waste management and that gives us a head start in complying with CWT (Centralized Waste Treatment) standards for waste water,” he said.

Peyton explained that a state-of-the-art waste management facility such as Lonestar Ecology can play an important role in supporting the area’s petrochemical industry.

“The future of the petroleum and chemical plants in the Gulf Coast region is critical to our local economy and our job is to help them succeed,” he said.

“Waste will be tracked by our proprietary environmental management software system both for our own records and also for our clients’ individual reporting,” Peyton added.

Lonestar Ecology holds CWT, RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), and Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority Affluent permits. Meeting the requirements of these permits allows Lonestar Ecology to respond to most waste management needs. The facility is serviced by rail and truck for both incoming and outgoing materials.

The site’s 16,000 square foot hazardous waste storage and processing warehouse has the latest fire protection system in the Houston metropolitan area.

“In addition to helping our clients become successful, our goal is to be a good neighbor to area residents and industries by handling waste in a safe, efficient and environmentally compliant matter,” Peyton said.

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