Waste Water Treatment Services

Lonestar Ecology, LLC receives and pretreats characteristically hazardous and non-hazardous water contaminated with organics (subpart C) and oils (subpart B). The water received for pretreatment and discharge to the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority public treatment works is preapproved by the Authority. This is a stable system that offers the generator a low level of waste disposal risk. The treatment includes basic neutralization, equalization, solids removal, organic content reduction and oil removal. All waste water equipment is completely contained and the truck unloading area has more than two full tanker trucks spill containment capacity.

Waste water accepted:

  • Waste water with characteristic hazardous constituents
  • Benzene NESHAP waste water (D-018)
  • Oily waste water with sulfides
  • D-001 waste water with ignitable rating – special handling if flash point is < 100 °F
  • Waste water with RCRA metals below hazardous level and non-RCRA metals
  • D-002 waste water – some special consideration with extremely low or high pH
  • Special consideration for waste water with chlorinated materials
  • Ballast or bilge waste water
  • High-solids waste water
  • Subpart B oily and subpart C organic waste water for treatment and disposal

Waste water treatment:

  • Waste water facility is RCRA-permitted
  • Oily waste water received on bill of Lading for recycle
  • Uncontaminated waste waters permitted by GCWDA
  • All receipts sampled for “fingerprint” comparison to profile
  • Vent-controlled storage tanks and process area

Additional services:

  • Sampling and analytical
  • Recycle oil
  • Waste-minimization data generated by recycling activity
  • Arranging for transportation
  • Off-hours receiving and treatment

Laboratory Waste Services

Lonestar people will come to your location to:

  • Identify and properly package the waste in our containers
  • Label and manifest all materials
  • Transport the waste package to our Pasadena treatment, storage and disposal facility
  • Break the package open and separate waste into the appropriate containers for the most efficient and cost-effective disposal
  • Approve profiles onsite

Additional services:

  • Disposal and/or treatment of lecture bottles
  • Sampling and analytical
  • Assistance for a subpart K system for eligible laboratories
  • Generating information for client reports
  • Waste-minimization data generated by recycling activity
  • 72-hour profile approval for client self-pack
Our Facilities
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